2017 Champions

19U Girls Tier 1: St. Patrick High School

* MVP- Linda Howard (Cambridge Bay)

19U Boys Tier 1: St. Patrick High School

* MVP- Braden Johnston (Sir John Franklin)

15U Boys Tier 1: Chief T’Selehye School (Fort Good Hope)

* MVP- Jesse Tobac (Fort Good Hope)

15U Girls Tier 1: Sir John Franklin High School

MVP- Mia McInnis (Sir John Franklin)

19U Girls Tier 2: Diamond Jenness Secondary School (Hay River)


* MVP-

19U Boys Tier 2: Mackenzie Mountain School (Norman Wells)

* MVP-

15U Boys Tier 2: East Three Secondary School (Inuvik)

* MVP- Donovan Jr Arey (Inuvik)

15U Girls Tier 2: Sir John Franklin High School

* MVP- Abigail Thompson (Sir John Franklin)


2017 NWT Power Corp Senior CAGER

Basketball season has arrived and Basketball NWT in cooperation with school athletics is once again looking forward to organizing the NWT Power Corp Senior Basketball Cager Tournament March 3-5, 2017. Coordinator for the Senior Cager this year is, tobi.taylor-dusome@ycs.nt.ca who can be reached at   (867) 873-4888


Tournament whips for each school venue will be:

Ecole Sir John Franklin (Gr. 9 –12) paul.shearme@yk1.nt.ca

St. Pat’s High School (Gr. 9-12) tobi.taylor-dusome@ycs.nt.ca



The Senior Cager will have, as of Dec. 31st, 2016, two divisions

· 15 and under (m/f)

·  19 and under  (m/f)


Tournament fees

Senior Cager:  $160/ team + $5 per player (no cap)

* One cheque for team fees and player registration with BNWT


These fees MUST BE PAID no later than FridayFeb. 17th if your school team(s) wish to participate in the NWT Power Corp Senior Cager 2017Your school may mail the cheques (made payable to BNWT) to Tobi Taylor-Dusome St. Pat’s High School 5010-44th street, Yellowknife, NWT, X1A 2R2


If your fees are not received by the deadline, your team may not be eligible to participate in this year’s event.  The deadline will hopefully prevent last minute schedule changes. Also please ensure all athletes and coaches have filled out the registration completely in order to receive their Basketball NWT T-shirt. Thank-you for your consideration in this matter!

Senior Cager deadline:  Friday, February 17th, 2017


Please fill out the attached Basketball NWT Cager Registration Forms and send them, along with your school’s registration fees, to be received no later than the above deadline. (Feb. 17th 2017)


Proof of Age

All coaches must carry with them, the proof of age of all of their players during tournament play. Teams that cannot prove the age of their players upon demand by the tournament whip will be in jeopardy of forfeiting their games & may be removed from the tournament.


Player Exemption(s) – Special Cases

If you have a situation with special circumstances (i.e. playing an over aged player @ the 15 & under age category, wishing to use a student athlete attending another school…..etc. ) you need to bring it to the attention of the Senior Cager Coordinator Tobi.Taylor-Dusome, by, Jan. 30th. She will then discuss your specific request with the Senior Cager organizing committee. Keep in mind that club teams are not part of this school sanctioned event. The tournament organizer will contact you with the committee’s decision before the registration deadline of Feb. 17th. This is a school sanctioned tournament under the NWT School Athletic Federation. Players on all school teams must be in good standing as authorized by the principal of your school in order to participate in this event.


Billeting Requests

If your school requires billeting, please fill out the attached billeting request form and attach that to your registration form. Every year we try accommodating all requests from community schools who wish to stay in the venue where the event is being hosted. Hopefully we will be able to meet your requests although there are no guarantees.

**Please be aware** This year, if you wish to be billeted (male /female) it will be @ St. Pat’s High School. You will be subject to a non-refundable $25/ night fee for each room used, as well as a refundable $300.00/ room damage deposit.  Please be advised that two separate cheques are required: one for the non-refundable accommodation fee and one for the damage deposit.  We will not cash the damage deposit cheque unless it is necessary.  Cheques should be made out to St Pat’s High School.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


 You can also do your online registration by going to the NWT School Sports page by clicking HERE


15U Girls Champions- Sir John Franklin

15U Boys Champions- St. Patrick High School

19U Girls Champions- St. Patrick High School

19U Boys Champions- St. Patrick High School

15U Girls Tier 2 Champions: Sir John Franklin

15U Boys Tier 2 Champions: Ecole Allain St-Cyr

19U Boys Tier 2 Champions: St. Patrick High School

Sr Cager Most Sportmanlike Team: Sir John Franklin 15U Boys

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