Player Development Camps 

The JR NBA program is a national youth basketball initiative designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball.

This grassroots program supports and empowers community-based recreational groups and facilities, schools and other institutions across Canada in an effort to positively influence youth through basketball.

The goal of the program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline and self-esteem.

Basketball NWT Technical Director Cole Marshall will be traveling to communities throughout the Northwest Territories to conduct player development camps. Contact if you want to hold a player development camp in your community.

Criteria for player development to take place in your community.

A community needs the following to have BNWT come in and run a camp:

1) All players who attend the camp must be registered with BNWT and pay a $5.00 membership fee.  – This should be done prior to the camp – names, ages, gender, etc…
2) the community is responsible for the chaperones – who are responsible for participants.
3) the community must provide gym time. 

BNWT is responsible for:

1) Provide clinician(s) to run camp.
2) Pay for airfare to and from the community.
3) Assist community with programming to carry on the programs.
4) Provide instructor to certify coaches.

Player Development contact information:

Aaron Wells– Director of Player Development
Yellowknife, NT

(867) 445-1171